Poetry Editing

‘Amanda’s help was invaluable to me in 2021 when I was preparing my poetry collection, Sea-soul, for publication. She combined her finely honed skills and talents as a poet and editor to really get under the skin of the poems and let them breathe. A suggested tweak here and there brought greater clarity, emphasis or flow. Indeed, punctuation was something I struggled with. By getting me to recite the poems aloud, I learned that punctuation too lies within, waiting to be realised. In fact, she delivered a masterclass. Fine tuning at its finest!’ – Antoinette Walker, author of Sea-soul, 2021

‘As writers, we are often too close to our own work to copy edit or proofread it effectively. When I’d completed the final draft of my third poetry manuscript and wanted expert, objective eyes to give each poem the careful attention it deserved, Amanda was the first person who came to mind. An acclaimed poet as well as an editor, she understands the absolute need for clarity and precision; knows firsthand how a stray word or punctuation mark can throw a line off or obscure meaning. Amanda’s warm, professional and collaborative working style make her a real pleasure to work with, and my manuscript is now polished and ready for action!’ Anne Tannam, poet and creative coach, July 2020 

‘Amanda edited my poetry manuscript with empathy, grace and painstaking commitment to detail. Her insights helped reshape any inconsistencies as well as add clarity in places where perhaps the meaning was vague or abstracted. Not only did she remedy any technical hiccups, but she was able to spot a limp line and haul it out for interrogation. I got far more than the line edit I paid for, and Amanda asked questions that nudged me gently towards changes. It was such a joy to get the insights and wisdom of someone who knows her way around a poem.’ Alvy Carragher, poet and YA author, May 2020

‘Amanda’s critical eye and professional guidance were invaluable to me. Her interventions were highly effective and communicated in a sensitive and respectful way. It was essential for me to have my poems supervised by someone who has a deep love for poetry. Being an established poet herself meant that her advice was always relevant. It proved a huge asset to me on this project. I highly recommend her as an editor.’ Shane Martin, Author, poet and psychologist, October 2019

‘Amanda Bell has done wonders in this anthology, picking up all the themes and voices of the Hibernian well-lit room of imagination.’ – Thomas McCarthy, poet

‘Amanda was general editor of the poetry anthology The Lion Tamer Dreams of Office Work. She is a committed professional and I would highly recommend her service.’ –Maurice Devitt, Chair of the Hibernian Writers’ Group, June 2015


Participants of “A Sense of Place” said:

“Wonderful course, focussing on a sense of place and the natural world around us.” Michelle Walsh

“Amanda is a natural course-leader who knows how to maintain a delightful balance between providing information and readings to stimulate the creative process and encouraging fledgling writers to put pen to paper, providing constructive and insightful feedback at every turn.” Una

“Brilliant course that has been really well thought out and put together with a sure touch to deliver maximum benefit to all participants.” Vincent Cahill


Workshops for children

‘Amanda’s workshops are suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Her interactive sessions are educational and entertaining,  complementing many areas of the Irish curriculum.  Art and crafts activities further enhance the experience, and students and teachers benefit enormously from participation. The feedback here in Stillorgan Library has been very positive, and we will definitely invite her back again soon.’ – Carmel Kelly, Librarian, Stillorgan Library, 2018

‘Amanda’s visit, and the fascinating, educational and fun nature of her talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children present, and the interactions during the morning provided the children with a wonderful opportunity to learn from Amanda, a celebrated author, a marvellous opportunity which the children utilised and appreciated. All in all, the visit provided an enriching cultural experience for the children, an event which the library was delighted to host.’ – Alan Dunne, Librarian, Donabate-Portrane Community Library, 2018


‘Thanks again for an excellent job. The index is a huge addition to the book and one that brings it to life in an essential way for our readers.’ – Tony Daly, co-ordinator of 80:20 Development in an Unequal World, October  2016

‘Amanda compiled a thorough index at very short notice and yet remained 100 per cent on schedule. She couldn’t have been more helpful in response to queries, and far exceeded the original brief in her attention and commitment to getting the job on time. I am very happy to recommend her services.’ – Fiona Dunne, Managing Editor, Irish Academic Press / Merrion Press

Editing and Proofreading

‘Amanda’s input was invaluable in streamlining our copy to ensure that all salient points were presented to their best advantage within the prescribed word-count.’ – Kate Hogan, Executive Assistant, Technopath (finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year Award)

‘Her editing work is professional, efficient and of a high standard. Her contribution to my final work was excellent, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs good a editor/proofreader for their academic text. You can contact me on wangyy@tcd.ie for further details.’ – Dr Ying Yun Wang, June 2013

‘Amanda Bell has worked as a proofreader of reports for Fitzpatrick Associates for several years. Her work is efficient and professional, and she always delivers on schedule.’ – Dr Jim Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Associates Economic Consultants, 2015