What I Can Do For You


My poetry readings draw on work from First the Feathers (Doire, 2017), Undercurrents (Alba, 2016) and The loneliness of the sasquatch (Alba, 2018), as well as new material. I am happy to structure readings to themes on request, and particularly enjoy working with musicians.

My new course, ‘A Sense of Place: Discover Harold’s Cross through Creative Writing,’ was developed in response to the pandemic. I’m very much looking forward to delivering it in early 2021.

Workshops based on The Lost Library Book are suitable for primary school students from second to sixth class. The workshop consists of a wide-ranging discussion about libraries and writing, a reading, q&a, and a bookplate-designing session using materials which I provide. A great resource for teachers.

Workshops based on my collection Undercurrents explore the concept of psychogeography. They are suitable for secondary school students with an interest in creative writing, and examine how writers create a sense of place.


A combination of editing and workshopping, my mentoring service is suitable for poets and writers preparing work for submission. For further details, please use the contact page.



When you have been drafting a paper, book or thesis, it can be hard to read your own work without earlier drafts swimming in front of your eyes. I will check your text for fragments left over from earlier drafts, read for sense, highlight any anomalies, check for consistency and house style. I work using Track Changes in Word, giving you full control over queries and changes.


Catalogues and blogs are important points of contact with potential buyers and clients. They need to be just right. I will take the stress out of this aspect of your practice, allowing you to focus on your creative work.


Before presenting your work to a publisher or agent, or having it printed yourself, you want it to be as ‘clean’ as possible: free of typos and nicely formatted. You may require more substantive editing: checking for character and plot consistency. I will help you to get your book into the best possible shape before you send it out into the world.


Your written material is often the first point of contact with customers and clients. I will make sure that all of your written work, from business cards to reports, promotional material to online content, reflects the professionalism of your organization.


Compiling and presenting information and producing reports are important aspects of your business. When a number of different people are involved on a project, you need to standardize their work. Having your reports copy-edited professionally prior to presentation or publication means that your research will be presented in the best possible light.

Publishing companies:

I have 25-years experience as a proofreader, copyeditor and general project manager – recent projects include The Lion Tamer Dreams of Office Work, an anthology of poetry by the Hibernian Writers, edited and with a Foreword by Amanda Bell, Alba Publishing, and Maurice Craig: Photographs, ed. Amanda Bell, Lilliput Press, of which I was general editor and indexer. I have excellent interpersonal skills and enjoy liaising with authors. I am used to accommodating shifting deadlines.


Producing a thesis is a daunting prospect. With the permission of your supervisor, I will streamline your text before submission, ensuring that it is free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting, and that it conforms to the relevant style guide.

Writers’ Groups

When your writers’ group or organization chooses to publish a collection or anthology, be it prose, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, it is likely that different writers will use different styles and spellings. I can make the process easy for you by liaising with individual authors, and standardizing the text and formatting, ensuring a professional looking publication. I am particularly interested in how to structure collections.